"Listen Up!" is a fun read that explores many dimensions of hearing. It explains why our very fast and LOUD world is taking a toll on how we hear things now and how we may hear them later. In "Listen Up!" you'll also meet Abby and Ben who, just like you, face a lot of big decisions. As they juggle school, friends and growing up, they find themselves living out their dreams, whether on a movie set or in a rock band.

"Listen Up!" has been incorporated into the curriculum of Palm Beach County Schools, along with professional development provided for teachers. This is an excellent step toward our goal to introduce this book into classrooms throughout the U.S.

Asked what part they liked most, Heather, age 14, said, “My favorite part was the whole entire book.”

Clara, 8th grade, said, “I didn’t have a favorite part because I liked all of it. It was an intriguing story front to back.”

Payton, grade 8, tells us, “…I really had no idea that kids could lose their hearing at such an early age. I thought that we could only lose our hearing once we hit the age of our mid 40’s-50’s... They put it into a perspective that was really understandable for other teenagers my age.”

Gregory, age 14, sums it up pretty well when asked if he’d tell a friend to read
“Listen Up!” “Certainly! This is one of the few books that actually helped me learn about something I hadn’t comprehended before and genuinely had fun doing it.”

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